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Crafting Captivating Narratives: The Power of Gen AI with SageMaker

Reading Time: 14 minutes In the evolving landscape of AI-driven innovation, crafting compelling narratives has reached new heights with the power of Generative AI, and Amazon SageMaker stands as a pivotal platform for realizing this potential. This hands-on exploration will guide you through harnessing the capabilities of Generative AI, specifically the GPT-2 model, to craft engaging stories from incomplete […]

How to easily analyze data and run different queries using Amazon Redshift Serverless without having to manage the infrastructure?

Reading Time: 9 minutes To know about what’s new in Amazon Redshift Serverless, refer to Part 1 of the blog here: What’s new in Amazon Redshift – Serverless? Hands-on In this hands-on, we will see how we can analyze data and run the different queries using Amazon Redshift Serverless without the need of managing the infrastructure using the Serverless […]

How to enable MFA delete for S3 buckets?

Reading Time: 9 minutes With so many different services available in the cloud, any organization’s security must be a primary consideration. As a result, preserving data from inadvertent deletion should be at the top of the priority list. You can add an extra degree of protection to AWS S3 by configuring buckets to enable MFA delete, which can help […]

AWS Glue DataBrew — A no-code visual data preparation tool for data scientists.

Reading Time: 7 minutes AWS Glue is a serverless managed service that prepares data for analysis through automated ETL processes. This is a simple and cost-effective method for categorizing and managing big data in the enterprise. It gives businesses a data integration tool that prepares data from multiple sources and organizes it in a central repository where it can […]

AWS S3 Storage Lens — Analytics Solution For Organization-Wide Visibility

Reading Time: 7 minutes S3 Storage Lens is a recently launched service of AWS for S3 which provides S3 storage analytics and insights. S3 storage lens is also the first-ever cloud storage analytics solution initially introduced by AWS. The S3 storage lens increases object storage visibility into S3 buckets. When you are storing objects in S3 from hundreds to […]

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