How to train a Deep Learning model with AWS Deep Learning Containers on Amazon EC2?

Reading Time: 11 minutes Data scientists, machine learning engineers, and practitioners must devote significant time and resources to developing, testing, updating, and optimizing Docker images for deep learning. Instead of concentrating on developing and enhancing models, practitioners are forced to divert valuable resources to unrelated tasks. Installing packages, resolving compatibility concerns, performance optimization, and integrating and testing with Amazon […]

How to track AWS account activities using AWS CloudTrail?

Reading Time: 10 minutes There are chances where the employees/users either intentionally or unintentionally make changes or delete the AWS resources. These scenarios cannot be traced or brought to our notice unless we have a proper monitoring and alerting mechanism to take action immediately to avoid any business interruptions. Proactive monitoring is one of the key items in maintaining […]

How to orchestrate Queue-based Microservices with AWS Step Functions and Amazon SQS?

Reading Time: 10 minutes Since the term was coined in 2011, Microservices have been making waves among forward-thinking application development corporations. Microservices help decouple application components so that they run and fail independently, increasing the overall fault tolerance of the system. When your application is decoupled you need them to communicate in a seamless way to avoid any delay, […]

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