How to send Webhooks using Python and receive via Node.js Applications?

Reading Time: 9 minutes If you are a Facebook user, you are using Webhooks unknowingly 🙂 . For example, whenever your close friend posts something new or comments on your Facebook posts, there is an event that will take place and a post request will be created that will serve you with a notification stating that your friend has […]

How to use HttpClient in Angular?

Reading Time: 6 minutes To download or upload data and access other back-end services, most front-end applications must communicate with a server using the HTTP protocol. The HttpClient service class in @angular/common/http provides an Angular application with an HTTP client API. The HttpClient is a lightweight, easy-to-use, and robust HTTP client library. It allows developers to collect external data, […]

How to control access to an HTTP API using JWT Authorizers via Amazon Cognito?

Reading Time: 12 minutes In this blog, we’ll look at how to secure AWS API Gateway endpoints using Cognito User Pools and a JWT authorizer. Authorizers, as described by API Gateway, are services that provide or deny API access to clients depending on a variety of parameters, including authenticated users, permissions, IP addresses, and so on. JWT Authorizers are […]

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