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5 Tips to Become a Great Technical Hiring Manager and Hire Top Talent

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You are looking to grow your company, and you’re looking to do so by becoming a technical hiring manager. You see, there is a ton of opportunity for people with a passion for software. And as a result, technical hiring managers are in high demand. But how do you get started? What skills do you need to succeed as a great technical hiring manager?

As a technical hiring manager, one of your top priorities is to find the right employees for your team. With technology evolving at an alarming rate, finding and keeping qualified candidates on your team becomes increasingly tricky. So, how can you make the process easier?

5 Tips That Will Help You Achieve Success in Technical Hiring

Don’t Go the Traditional Way

When you go down the traditional hiring path, you collect resumes and then conduct interviews. You’re looking for a good fit between candidates and a company’s needs. And it can take weeks, months, or longer to find a good fit. As a technical hiring manager, you would rather not spend a long time finding a good candidate. So, why not take the traditional hiring method and turn it upside down? Why not start your search for candidates by looking for talent within your team?

Run a Hackathon/Hold a Meetup

There’s a ton of opportunity for people to bring in top talent with events like hackathons and meetups. But here’s the thing — you have to make it super-attractive. Hackathons are great opportunities to get to know prospective candidates and find prospects interested in joining your company. You can make the hackathon or meetup more attractive by inviting current team members to make it fun.

Implement an Attractive Referral Scheme

Another way to get the ball rolling on hiring is to implement an attractive referral scheme. The scheme has to be lucrative enough for people to want to give referrals but not so generous that it takes away from the core business. As with any referral scheme, you want to make it easy for your employees to give referrals — and you also want to make sure you get the most out of each referral. The most common way to implement an attractive referral scheme is to give employees bonuses or points for each person they refer.

Use Reference Checks for Skills and Experience

Another way to get the ball rolling on hiring is to incorporate reference checks for skills and experience. You don’t have your team go through every skill listed on your job postings. Instead, you want to keep it simple. You want to let candidates know that, if hired, they will receive references from current teammates.

Attend Industry Meetups

Another great way to grow your technical hiring team is to attend industry meetups and conferences. When you go to conferences and meetups, you meet tons of employees and students who can be a great addition to your company. Here’s the thing, though — you have to network at these events. You can’t keep staying on panels and listening to people talk. You have to have conversations and make connections.

Shake Up Your Hiring Process

So, what can you do to shake up your hiring process and make it more efficient? One way is to create a detailed job description. This will assist candidates in knowing what the job entails and make it easier for you to get to know them. Another way to shake up your hiring process is to create a hiring committee that includes current employees who can interview/talk to prospective candidates to give them an overview of your company’s work culture.

What If You Don’t Have the Resources?

IT Recruiters and HR managers are still struggling to identify the best candidates for their open tech positions, even with many options at their fingertips. With the recruiting pool growing and the hiring process becoming more virtual, a recruiter’s role has evolved into much more than just recruiting. Fortunately, these days tech-talent platforms like Workfall can help you optimize your technical hiring. The major advantage of using these platforms is that you can check the prospective candidate’s profile for free and it takes only 2-3 working days to fulfill your requirements as these platforms have a stringent pre-vetting process.

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