Remote Staffing Takes the Chaos Out of Tech Recruitment

Remote Staffing Takes the Chaos Out of Tech Recruitment

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Jan 11, 2023 (The Kerplunk) — Kate Ruwe is a product manager at a leading software firm in the San Francisco Bay. When she’d begun hiring new software developers for her product in 2016, she’d never imagined that over 40% of them would be people working remotely.

With the pandemic, Kate was forced to expand her horizons and hiring strategy. “It’s been incredible.” says Kate, “When the pandemic began, I never imagined that I would stumble upon an ingenious solution. Most of my top hires were made overseas and we’ve saved over $100,000 in the last quarter alone.”

Kate won’t stop bragging about it with her colleagues. She also says that they are accountable and proactive and are able to anticipate problems beforehand and solve them before they even occur. “It’s as if I’ve hit the treasure chest. Life has become so simple. They’re almost always available and accountable. And they always, always deliver on time.”

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