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Amazon EKS Clusters Locally on AWS Outposts

Reading Time: 9 minutes AWS recently announced the availability of Amazon EKS local clusters on AWS Outposts. It means that now users can run the Amazon EKS cluster entirely on Outposts, including the Kubernetes control plane and nodes. To make things easier, AWS now allows you to host your entire Amazon EKS cluster on Outposts. Let’s see what else […]

How to build a High-Availability Cluster using EKS without having to be an expert in managing Kubernetes clusters?

Reading Time: 9 minutes As end users of web applications, we always expect that the applications must be available 24/7. And to make it possible, developers are expected to keep deploying new versions of these applications several times a day!! Yes, you read it right! What can help developers to make it possible? The answer is Containerization!! In this […]

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