How Workfall onboards AWS Professionals?

Did you know AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the predominant player in the global cloud business with 34% of the market share followed by Microsoft, Google and IBM with 11%, 8% and 6% respectively?

With the rise in businesses moving to the cloud, cloud computing service providers have seen break neck growth in recent years., out of which AWS sits at the top without any doubt.
To cater to clients with cloud-related requirements, there exists a need for highly-skilled, trained and experienced professionals. We, at Workfall, are committed to doing exactly that. In simple terms, we bridge the gap between digital transformation offices and AWS professionals creating a healthy working environment where everyone’s a winner.

Workfall bridges the gap between digital transformation offices and AWS professionals creating a healthy working environment.

We believe development quotations should be justified. At the same instance, we also strongly support the notion of right payments. To rationalize the world of AWS development, we created Workfall, a platform for and by AWS professionals.

We are a one-of-its-kind platform dedicated only to AWS professionals. No noise, pure substance. We strive to work in partnerships and focus on building relationships, unlikely other platforms that are commission-centric and leave developers in the midst of nowhere whenever a discrepancy arises.

How to become a Workfall Partner?

To join our family of AWS professionals, you need to fulfil the following parameters.

1. Tech Experience

In addition to having sound technical knowledge, the developer needs to have hands-on experience of at least five years. Just started off in tech? See you in a few years kid!

2. AWS Certification

We only accept entries that are backed by valid certifications. The list of certifications is mentioned below. You need to possess at least one of the following. More than one is the icing on the cake.
Professional Certifications
  • Solutions Architect
  • DevOps Engineer
Associate Certifications
  • SysOps Administrator
  • Solutions Architect
  • Developer
Speciality Certifications
  • Database
  • Advanced Networking
  • Data Analytics
  • Alexa Skill Builder
  • Machine Learning
  • Security

3. AWS experience

As mentioned, we work only with an experienced bunch of professionals. Therefore, to be a part of Workfall, you need to have at least one year of AWS experience under your belt.

4. Proficient in English

Last but not least, excellent communication skills are mandatory. English is a universal language and you need to be good at it to work with clients across the globe.
Other than the above-mentioned parameters the individual is expected to be:
  1. Work-From-Home passionate
  2. Agile, both in thought and action
  3. Open to feedback
Aspects like your location, domain, coding language are not a bar.

Screening Process

Though becoming a Workfall Parter is free, we have a screening process in place for ensuring quality, experience and commitment. Before you become a Workfall Partner, you’d be interviewed by our tech and behavioural experts who will assess your expertise, work ethics, commitment and communication skills.

How much money can an AWS professional make on Workfall?

Well, that’s subjective depending on individual client and the requirements. However, a rough estimate for a 10+ years experienced architect can earn as much as $50 per hour on Workfall.

Sounds Crazy? That’s because you’ve been tricked all these years for accepting a pay that’s lesser than what you truly deserve.

10+ years experienced architect can earn as much as $50 per hour on Workfall.

Not any more! Its time you value your worth. With Workfall, not only can you be sure of continuous work but generous pricing too.

What next?

If you are an experienced AWS professional and want to become a Workfall Partner, you can sign up at or drop a mail to One of our team members will get in touch with you within 24 hours.